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ALEXZUS MEDIA  is an publishing/entertainment group committed to producing relevant works that inspire, empower and entertain.

New:  ALEXZUS BOOKS is Proud to Present its First COOKBOOK!

• Appetizing Starters
• Salads
• Soups
• Entrees
• Multicultural Flavor-ites
• Gourmet Soul
• Sides (Vegetarian-Friendly)
• Desserts

CULMINATING the search for sumptuous cuisine, Derwood Selby, host of a food and travel television series, has identified his FLAVORS of INTEREST.

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 On a campaign to enlighten readers about men's health, in the second phase of life, comes POINT MERIDIAN, a three part combination of resourceful non-fiction. Subtitles include:

Non-Fiction - By Jennifer Burton

Men Entering The Zone
An e-Book
Women Coping With Men In The Zone
An e-Book
360° North To The Man
Coming Soon!


In an effort to educate, inspire and empower readers through fiction, nonfiction and young adult books, the development of the publishing component was a natural extension. ALEXZUS Books was launched in 2014 with the release of TELHAM PARK, a contemporary fiction series for young adults (ages 13-18) Titles include:

Fiction - By Jennifer Burton

Princess' Journey
Christopher's Dilemma
Kenya's Song
Brian's Connection
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